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ACOSM2009 - The Australian Conference on Software Measurement
"Achieving Positive Outcomes in a Changing World"
Sydney, Friday 13 November 2009


CHARISMATEK Software Metrics is proud to be a sponsor of ACOSM2009.


ACOSM2009, the Australian Conference on Software Measurement, will be held in Sydney, Australia on Friday 13 November 2009.

Since 1991 ACOSM has been a significant annual event for all IT professionals interested in the practical application of software measurement & metrics to enhance the software process, to improve software quality and to deliver real value to software suppliers and clients.

In keeping with the theme for ACOSM2009, "Achieving Positive Outcomes in a Changing World", this year's presentations focus on demonstrating how software metrics & measurement are being used to address the broad range of contemporary issues faced by both software suppliers and clients in todayís challenging environment.

ACOSM2009's keynote, Rightshifting Ė The Lean and Agile Way to Higher Performance, will be presented by Grant Rule from Software Measurement Services in the United Kingdom.  Grant's presentation will present the current gulf between potential and actual software delivery performance and outline why this represents a huge opportunity for organisations able to implement the necessary change and take the appropriate actions.

"Thereís an elephant in the room. Itís big, itís pink and itís embarrassing Ö many folk pretend it isnít there.  But the fact is, thereís an elephantine gulf between the potential of the software creative process and the effective delivery of value to business users and customers.

Most benchmark data agrees.  The distribution of performance is strongly left-skewed. Many firms (75-80%) run projects that waste up to 80% of the available worktime, performing activities that, from the customer perspective, add no value.  The performance Ďnormí is actually pretty poor.  Lots of people donít notice this, because they have never had the chance to experience or observe more effective practices.  There are, however, a sufficient number of more effective performers to form a 'long-tail' to the right on the performance distribution.  They demonstrate that performance x4, x5 or more times 'the norm' is achievable.  Any business that wants to lead in their marketplace has to achieve a future state in which their process performance is shifted to the right of their competitors."

For further details including the conference program, registration and to view presentations from previous ACOSMs, visit the QESP website at  You can also contact QESP at


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