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CHARISMATEK Software Metrics and Q/P Management Group - "Strategic Tool Alliance"

Software Measurement Made Easier

CHARISMATEK Software Metrics and Q/P Management Group (Q/P) are undertaking a new strategic tool alliance. This alliance, linking Q/P’s software measurement, estimating and benchmarking tools with the function point sizing capabilities and data repositories of CHARISMATEK’s Function Point WORKBENCH™, introduces a fully integrated measurement and reporting solution second to none in the industry.

"Best of Breed"

According to Scott Goldfarb, President of Q/P Management Group,

"… the resultant integrated tool provides the capability companies have been demanding for years. Clients will be able to estimate, measure and perform benchmark comparisons drawing upon the world’s largest repository of industry data together with project functional sizing data pulled from the leading Function Point Analysis tool, the Function Point WORKBENCH™."

"Seamless Integration"

Robyn Lawrie, Technical Director Development at CHARISMATEK Software Metrics, notes that,

"Now you will be able to model your project in the WORKBENCH, push the project sizing data smoothly into Software Management Reporting (SMR), combine the sizing data with project effort and cost data and deliver the project measurement and benchmark reports instantly as Word documents or other formats. … This level of integration means that everyone everywhere has the ability to record project size at project milestones and benchmark performance comparisons in one single painless process."

"Unified Interface"

Roger Heller from Q/P adds,

"We are developing an entirely new suite of tools that support software measurement from project initiation through final reporting and benchmarking. The first step in overall practical integration is to link Q/P's Software Management Reporting product, which automates Q/P’s benchmarking methodology, with the sizing management tool that dominates and leads the way in the effective application of Function Point Analysis – the Function Point WORKBENCH™."

"Upcoming phases will further integrate Q/P’s software estimating and risk management methodologies provided in PQMPlus™ with SMR. When this phase is complete a software measurement group will have the ability to establish project estimates, manage risk, measure a projects size and produce software measurement reports through a seamless suite of tools."

To see the results of Q/P and CHARISMATEK's alliance in action, view the Software Management Reporting software demonstration and download evaluation copies of Software Management Reporting and the Function Point WORKBENCH™ Release 7.0.


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